About Us

As a family-owned business Established in 2018 we aim to create the worlds best vegan friendly, cruelty free, sustainable and eco-friendly skin care products that are luxurious and affordable, as well as reducing global wastage. Reducing wastage by re-using “waste” products such as used coffee grounds, or recycled cardboard/paper for packaging.

We use organic ingredients where possible but are conscious of the environmental impact the organic sector has especially when it comes to oils and herbs. This organic farming requires a substantial amount of land to produce the ingredient. In turn, this may lead to higher deforestation of native flora, impacting the environment and ecosystems.

Our first line of products are beard oil and beard balms. Our mission is to help you gents understand just how important it is to use beard oils and beard balms. Did you know beard oil and beard balms have been around for many years, helping keep beards (and hair) moisturised, nourished and beardruff free.

Most of you have had a journey of trial and error growing your beards and knowing how to take care of it. Well, don’t worry we have the ideal beard oils and balms for each occasion with the highest quality carrier and essential oils. Our perfectly formulated oils are rich in fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties, moisturising agents that promote healthy hair growth.