Why you should be using Beard Oil?

Our mission is to help you gents understand just how important it is to use Beard Oil. Did you know Beard Oil has been around for many years, helping keep beards (and hair) moisturised, nourished and beardruff free.

Most of you have had a journey of trial and error growing your beards and knowing how to take care of it. Well, don’t worry we have the ideal beard oils for each occasion with the highest quality carrier and essential oils. Our perfectly formulated oils are rich in fatty acids, anti-inflammatory properties, moisturising agents that promote healthy hair growth.

As the story goes when your beard grows, you start experiencing the itchy sensation which means the skin is drying out beneath the skin. At the root of every hair, you have a couple sebaceous glands that are located along the shaft of each hair follicle, no matter how long your beard follicles are, the glands can only produce as much oil within a day and that is why you start experiencing the itch. Applying beard oil will help provide the essential nutrients to the hair follicles to keep them moisturised and itch free.

A Key Note to Remember

Although not all beards are created equal – and that’s OKAY! – they all go through the same hair growth cycle.

  1. The Anagen phase – growing out.
  2. The Catagen phase – chilling out.
  3. The Telogen phase - falling out.


The greatest part of the UNSEEN Body and Co Beard Oil is that it’s all natural (plant-based) and can compliment just about any skin type. Even if you have naturally oily skin but are experiencing beardruff – you shouldn’t skip using beard oil as a fear of increased acne and other skin aliments. We use Jojoba oil which acts as a balance to your natural sebum oil. Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) closely resembles that natural sebum oil of your skin making it an ideal carrier oil for our range of beard oils. This helps minimise the chances of any skin reactions when applied. Essential oils are added to give the carrier oils additional key nutrients and terrific scents. Our Cinnamon Bark scent contains Sandalwood essential oil which acts as an antiseptic which can help combat the onset of acne.

Essential oils – what do you need to know?

Our beard oil range contains a variety of essential oils that give the products a subtle, passive scent. If you are sensitive to smells, beard oil won’t overpower your senses. Remember, if you have highly sensitive skin consult your physician or dermatologist. We would recommend steering clear of any citrus and spice based essential oils as they are more likely to causes general skin irritation. Using an unscented beard oil can also be a substitute.

Final thoughts

Here at UNSEEN we want to help you achieve your maximum potential and then some by making that beard SEEN by everyone. Additionally, to using the Unseen Body and Co Beard Oil, a balanced diet will help give you extra essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair growth. We aim to produce products that don’t dehydrate the hair follicles and we understand that each beard is unique, so each fella will get different results. So what are you waiting for, lets start this journey together!